Valentine dinner – Intro

dinner 1 cost £2.60 or less

dinner 1 cost £2.60 or less

For my first ever show on Croydon Radio as a contributor, I chose to be generous by creating a 3-couse meal for 4 for £10.00.

The reason I made it for 4 was that, being Valentine day, a not-so-well off couple could cook dinner and invite their jobless grown up son or daughter & companion to share the dinner. I tried to cover here the cost, community and conviviality.

The menu is as follows:

  1. Starter – Smoked Oyster salad – recipe & cost here
  2. Main – Fusilli, tomato sauce & meatballs – recipe & cost here
  3. Dessert – Apple tart & Chocolate sauce – recipe & cost here
  4. and for drinks Pomegranate juice (0.99p) topped with flavoured fizzy water (0.39p).

To see the full recipe and cost for each course, please click on the link.

The related show was broadcasted on Croydon Radio on Saturday 14th February 2015. To listen again, please click on this link.

Thank you for checking in! See you next time.



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