Smoked Oysters Salad

Salad in mixing bowl

Salad in mixing bowl

Serves 4


  • Smoked oysters – 1 tin – Sainsbury’s (tinned fish aisle) – £2.00

    Salad ingredients

    Salad ingredients

  • 2 Garlic & Herbs Naan breads – LIDL – 49p
  • Little lettuce gems – LIDL – 69p
  • 3 tomatoes – Market – 15p


 Total cost: £3.33 – 0.83 per person


  • Remove the Naans form the package and place in the oven to heat up. Follow the instructions on the package.
  • Rinse and quarter the tomatoes.
  • Separate the lettuce gems and wash them on by one as they can be very very
    Opened oysters tin

    Opened oysters tin

    sandy. Roughly cut the bigger leaves by hand in 2 or 3. Place them in a colander to release the water.

  • Open the smoked oysters.
  • Now that all is ready, in a big bowl, combine the lettuce, tomato and oysters.
  • The oyster are slightly salty, but you might have to add a very little pinch of salt and pepper to it. Drizzle the oil from the smoked oysters on the salad and also the juice of a half lemon. The lemon is optional. The salad doesn’t really need it.
  • Plate and serve.
Serving suggestion with a slice of Naan bread

Serving suggestion with a slice of Naan bread


Note: There is an even cheaper alternative to this starter. If you didn’t have £4 to spend. You could just use the tomatoes, smoked oysters & a drop or Mayonnaise or squirty salad sauce. Even simpler; pretty squares toasted bread, butter & Oysters. Done.

Alternative option: Tomato, oyster & Mayo

Alternative option: Tomato, oyster & Mayo

Shopping: the tomatoes were bought on Surrey street market where bowl of about 20 medium tomatoes can be found at £1.00.


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