Going Mexican…


Mexican flag

Mexican flag

Hi everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the last food section with Tom C. Click here to catch up.

This week we are going Mexican. During the last show we asked you, listeners to send in your suggestions and received few. The most interesting was the one I picked.

So, we are going to be talking and Tom will be tasting a 3 course Mexican menu.

Often, when I hear Mexican food, I get a visuals of Fajitas and tacos with cheese dribbling over a very beige to golden looking mess… I am not a fan.

Elodie in Mexico

Elodie in Mexico

My little sister Elodie is currently studying in Mexico and I asked her to give me a list of few usual ingredients she been tasting since she’s been there. And after hearing what she had to say and doing some research. I have come up with a menu I hope you will like. This will include green plantain and black beans and apparently everything has lime in it… dessert will be some Bunoelos with a lime syrup… salivating yet?

I am hoping to have something for everyone with at least one dish for meat eaters, foodbanks’ users and vegans.

Don’t forget to tune in on Croydon Radio from 4pm.

Thanks for checking in! Look forward to your comments!


bunoelos mexico

bunoelos mexico



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