About the Mexican menu

Mexican-No Tacos!

Mexican-No Tacos!

Hi! Hopefully you would have read the previous post by the time you got here. Mexican food was suggested by one of our listeners on Croydon Radio… Read about it here.

I tried to make it as authentic as possible. In most parts of the world like Asia, Africa, India or Latin America, the use of pre-prepared

Collecting the corn kernels

Collecting the corn kernels

ingredients can be seen as un-authentic. So, where necessary, spices will be grinded at home, the corn kernels will be remove from the cob at home if necessary, the beans will be bought dry, soaked and cooked in house if the dinner requires it.

That way, the ingredients have better value for money and deliver the most authentic taste, consistency and texture.

Here in Europe, it can be cheaper to buy the tin of corn or beans as they are better value for money, but with no control over the texture.

Funnily enough in the places above mentioned, buying tinned or frozen could be considered a luxury while here in Europe it is the basics.

So, in my Mexican menu, I have used the dry black beans that I have

Dry black beans

Dry black beans

soaked for 24hrs and boiled for 1hr to obtain a just-right texture. I have used black beans, but they aren’t as easy to find in tins so, feel free to use the kidney beans available in all supermarkets… Those can easily turn in to mush I don’t use them that much.

For the corn, I used fresh corn on the cob and shaved the kernels off myself. The best alternative would be the frozen corn rather than tinned sweet corn.

The rest of the components and ingredients for this menu can be found everywhere.

The Mexican menu I came up with and is as follows:

The starter is completely suitable for vegans and the cracker cup can be made from a foodbank parcel content.

For vegans, replace the chicken with large mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms which are chewier.

If using foodbanks parcels, replace the plantain with tinned potatoes, use tinned kidney beans, carrots & tomatoes.

Those flakes ARE HOT! really!

Those flakes ARE HOT! really!

Visit Croydon Radio website to hear me talk about the menu… Don’t forget to suggest something for the next show and leave some comments below!

Thank you for checking in!

See you next month!

Don’t forget. If you are a foodbank user, you can find more specifically created recipes on http://thebankcook.com/about/. Download the recipe collection here.

If you are Vegan, check out my vegan creations on http://all-vegan.blogspot.co.uk/



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