Marrowfat & sausage ratatouille

Ratatouille and potatoes

Ratatouille and potatoes

Serve 5… this is part of the food bank menu for 5.


  • 300g tinned ratatouille (FB or 70p)

    Ingredients for the ratatouille

    Ingredients for the ratatouille

  • 330g drained marrowfat (FB or 60p)
  • 5 hotdog sausages each cut in 4 (FB or £2.00 (chicken wings might be a better option if buying meat))
  • 3 twigs of fresh thyme or pinch of dry thyme
  • 100g onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt & Pepper (or chilli flakes)

Total spend: if on food bank budget: £0.00. If on low income £3.30 or £0.66 per person.


Tinned sausages for meat can be replaced by chicken

Tinned sausages for meat can be replaced by chicken

Dice the onion and garlic. Quarter the sausage. Rinse then marrow fat set all aside separately.

Heat 3 tablespoons if vegetable oil. Fry the thyme, onion and garlic together for 1 minute then add in the sausages and fry until the latter are golden. Stir often to allow all sides of the sausages to brown. This will also allow the meat to absorb the Garlic and onions flavours.

Once the sausages are brown, add the marrowfat and ratatouille as well as 200ml water and black pepper (or chilli flakes). Cover to simmer for 5 minutes. The sausages can be very salty, you might want to wait until the end before adding salt if needed). Serve with the previously roasted potatoes… Bon appetit!

Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion

See the full menu by clicking on the following links for the starter and the dessert. Hear the show on Croydon Radio here it was broadcasted on 6th June 2015.

FB means Food Bank. Low budget means low income. The total spend for a foodbank user would have been £1.42 or £0.28 per person. For a person on low budget, the spend would have been £10.17 or £2.03 per person.

Starter, main, dessert... Enjoy!

Starter, main, dessert… Enjoy!

See you next month! We are cooking a French menu… homely. Always!




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