It is a French menu next!

229430528My goodness! How time flies! It has already been a month since my last visit to Croydon Radio.

I will be back Saturday 18th with Tom at 4pm.

This month we are eating like the French; full fat, cream, sugar and MAYONNAISE of course will be joining us for this little rendez-vous.

So, make a note for your diary and tune in to hear how you can try my easy menu at home…

Remember having a healthy diet does include fat and sugar. Just spread the fat consumption and switch heavy and light meals throughout the day/week. And for heaven’s sake’s watch how you eat and take responsibility for your own weight!

See you on Saturday at 4pm on Croydon Radio.

PS: I am not disclosing the menu as Tom will be guessing what he is eating and… you dear listeners will have to tune in to hear what is on the menu!

A samedi et bonne semaine!


So, the menu was:

Starter: Broccoli & Chicken Salad – Tom was not a fan of broccoli and only guess it afterwards.

HJ's Broccoli salad

HJ’s Broccoli salad

Main: Poelee of vegetables with chicken coated in caramel. The vegetable poelee included mushrooms and aubergine which, Tom the official taster could not detect.

Chicken coated in caramel

Chicken coated in caramel

Dessert: Toasted madeira with whisked cream soaked in a Jack Daniels syrup and cooked fruits including pineapple which Tom could not detect…

Yum. Full cream, alcohol... FRENCH!

Yum. Full cream, alcohol… FRENCH!

the mission here was to make our Croydon Radio presenter Tom eat things he thought he did not liked…

He ate everything! Mission accomplished!

Read all the recipes in the next few post. Thank you for checking in!

Starter, main, dessert £3.50 per person

Starter, main, dessert £3.50 per person


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