Toasted Madeira and whipped cream soaked in Jack Daniels syrup


Syrup fully absorbed! Consume with moderation

Syrup fully absorbed! Consume with moderation

Dessert for 4

full name: Toasted Madeira & whipped Cream sandwich soaked in a Jack Daniels & fruits syrup


  • 200g readymade Madeira cake (98p)
  • 12 fresh cherries (about 50p)
  • 1 orange (30p)
  • 1 lime (20p)
  • 150g tinned pineapple (85p)
  • 200ml Double cream (60p)
  • 200g sugar (in the house)
  • 50ml 40% Whisky (or even rum are optional and readily available in the house)

Total spend:

The cost for this dessert is £3.43 or £0.85p per person


Start by making and cooling the syrup.

Chopped cherries

Chopped cherries

De-stone and chop 6 cherries, Set aside. Cut the orange in 4 then in very thin slices. Cut the lime whole and set aside. Open the pineapple tin and drain. Set aside.

In a small deep pan, combine the citrus fruits, pineapple and chopped cherries. Add the sugar, 500ml water and 50ml Jack Daniels whisky. Cover the pan and simmer for 20 minutes… what we are looking for is for the skins of the citruses to be very soft and edible. Once they are soft enough, the liquid in the pan should have diminished.

After 20 minutes open the pan and leave to simmer uncovered for another 10 minutes. The consistency of the liquid should be almost the same as oil, but light enough to be absorbed by a pastry or even bread.

Slightly bitter alcoholic, but sweet... the syrup

Slightly bitter alcoholic, but sweet… the syrup

Once the right consistency is obtained, transfer the contents of the pan in a bowl to cool down for at least 1 hour, then place in the fridge to make it cold really cold.

Meanwhile, pour the cream in a bowl and whisk continually for about 2 minutes until it forms firm picks, then, spoon into a piping bag the place in the fridge in the piping bag with a star nozzle.

Now, cut the Madeira cake into 8 slices of 9cm long and a width of 4.5cm. Each person will have 2 slices.

Ready for the fridge

Ready for the fridge

Once all the slices are cut place them in the toaster for a minute and a half to harden them. The reason for this is so that the Madeira will have a much more resistant consistency and will not crumble away once the syrup hits it. The toasting also add another taste to the dessert.

Once all the slices have been toasted, place them on a baking rack not only to cool them, but also to stiffen at room temperature.

Now that all the elements of the desserts are ready, set them aside and only mount them just before serving the first course of the dinner.

So, to mount the dessert, lie 4 slices of Madeira flat on a flat surface, pipe on 3 large squirts of the cream on each of the four slice. Now carefully place the second slice of Madeira on each of the slices and pipe another 3 squirts of the cream on the top layer. On the middle cream squirt, carefully place the best of the leftover cherries. And place them on the serving plate and back in the fridge.

Bring the plated dessert out about 5 minutes before dessert time. Carefully and artfully display slices of fruits from the syrup around the dessert then, pour at least 2 tablespoons full of the Jack Daniel Syrup over the cake and leave the cake to absorb the syrup before tucking in and degustating every single mouthful.

full cream, alcohol, homemade.... simples

full cream, alcohol, homemade…. simples

Bon appétit!


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