The yogurt knitters set… AKA Vegan 3 course

Borrowed logo!

Borrowed logo!

Hear the radio show here on Croydon Radio.


This month I’d like to treat you to 3 course vegan meal… My favourite. See, I am not always a fan of meat and having had health concerns in the past I often eat meat and dairy free meals. I am very much against battery farming and especially the over-production/consumption for some meats in particular in this country.

Cooking meat & dairy free does require a bit of creativity at times and frankly what tends to be presented in some mags or vegan restaurants aren’t often appealing. To see some of my musings, go see my vegan blog… scroll down to see some of my most exciting combos.

One myth I’d like to dispel also is that, Quinoa is not that outlandish! That barley is a great alternative to rice and that NOT ALL vegans are “sandal wearing nuts eating yogurt knitters”… So, stop hating and explore before earning the right to put vegan advocates down.

PS: not all of them are militant nutters either.

Hope you will tune in to discover what I’ll be cooking.

It is all about encouraging you to eat what you like, but removing or replacing the animal related elements. By reducing the meat and dairy consumption, you will reduce some health risks, reduce the over-production of some meat related products and also discover that there is a lot more out there to explore in terms of food. You don’t have time? Put down the box set…

You will also get to discover the health values in some of the ingredients used.

See you on Saturday 5th from 4pm on Croydon Radio.



PS: I am only a part-time vegan and full time lazy chewer. Oh, did I mention God botherer?

Have a great week!

Update: Hope you manage to tune in to the show. This is what the food looks like… Find the recipe for the starter, main and dessert here. Do post a comment!

Vegetable cakes with beetroot dip, creamy Barsotto & vegan brownie with Banana & Peach ice cream

Vegetable cakes with beetroot dip, creamy Barsotto & vegan brownie with Banana & Peach ice cream


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