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Borrowed picture

Borrowed picture

Good evening!

I am back next Saturday 3rd October on Croydon Radio from 4pm with Tom.

This week we are going to talk about ideas for office lunches.

What prompted me to bring this  subject on the table is because often at my office, I see people going out to buy lunch. By the time they come back they can’t even fully enjoy it because the time they have spent queuing and walking back to the office has taken half of their lunch hour. So, they end up eating really quickly and not even degustating what they have bought.

When I plan to eat lunch I tend to bring in my food. I am unable to eat quickly or I suffer with stomach pain for the rest of my day.

Often when I plate my food, my colleagues often stop and ask what is on my plate and assume that it must take me a long time to prepare my lunch box… It doesn’t.

It all about planning.

If I am cooking a home meal with some vegetables and there are left overs, if I think I won’t be using them before they spoil, I chop them up and put them in a takeaway bowl then freeze until I need them for my work day lunch. The night before I need it, I will take the bowl out of the freezer and defrost overnight. In the morning I will just season with what I feel like. Especially with the dry herbs and seasoning, then a drizzle of plain or flavoured oil. Shake and take it to the office. At lunch time, I place my bowl in the microwave for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the type of vegetables.

Once it is done I transfer the content of my bowl on a plate upside down to allow the juices and flavours to travel throughout… Then I seat down to enjoy slowly while reading my Metro… That is my formula for a great relaxed lunch, washed down with a good cup of filtered ground coffee.

So this week I am going to be offering you few ideas of what to prepare so you can fully enjoy your lunch hour and even turn your “queuing time into a digestive walk time before returning to your desk and being productive without being overloaded.

The ideas include: Tuna pockets, Vegan baguette sandwich, triple decker chicken sandwich. Then the salads set and the hot food set.

Do tune in and also send in your comments.

See you then!


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