#Whats4Lunch – The basics

One of the reason why people do not manage to pull off a work lunch with 5 minutes of prep in the morning is because of a lack of planning.

Before you even think about taking your lunch to work, you must work out how you will transport your food in.

Below is a collection of plastic containers all purchased from the £ or 99p store. Try to buy various size boxes. You might want to transport yogurt, vignette, dips or spread for your meal. For latter, you will need one of the smallest container which can be tucked in the corner of the salad container for example.

Lunch containers

Lunch containers

The other basics to have is a collection of dry spices. 3 basic ones: Garlic, mix herbs and ground black pepper. You can’t go wrong with this 3 and you can use them for salads and hot dishes. You might want to add on chilli flake or ginger if you like your spices. The spiced on the photo cost from 41p in Lidl to £4 de pending of what you are looking to achieve. But, the basics are 41-89p including sea salt and pepper grinder.

The spice rack

The spice rack

Next the antipasti collection: in it can have sundried tomatoes, grilled courgette, grilled mix sweet pepper, mix mushrooms, grilled aubergine and artichokes hearts. All cost from 89 to 99p except the mix fungi (mushrooms) which cost £1.19. They all come in flavoured oils… very handy as using the antipasti means that you won’t be using other oils in the house.

The antipastis

The antipastis

If using antipastis in a salad, all you will need to add is a drizzle of oil from the jar, salt & pepper with maybe some lemon. I find them really practical. You will get at least 3 to 4 serving out of any jar, so, it is worth having one or 2 jars of those every month.

The Antipastis

The Antipastis

Last but not least, it is always great to have a collection of frozen vegetables. Most supermarket sale 1kg of green or mix vegetables for £1.00 or less. So you can buy a bag of Green beans, mix, broccoli & cauliflower, petit pois & carrot etc…

And my last recommendation is for the breads. Most bread can be frozen after purchase. If you visit some supermarkets after 7pm you will be able to bag some great quality bread for 90p or less as they are reduced before closing time. You can buy brioches (they are great for sandwiches), Scones, seedy bread, brown bread etc… If you are a fan of sandwiches do not limit yourself to bread slices… Explore.

In the next few posts, you will find idea for sandwiches, ideas for salad & hot foods using all the above.

It idea here for you to realise how much you save just by planning… not only on the money you spend at lunch time, but also the time you spend going to and from the shop, therefore missing out on chewing and relaxation time…

Don’t forget to let me know what you think.



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