#Whats4Lunch – The Sandwiches set 1

Tuna pockets ready

Tuna pockets ready

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to see the basics needed for the #Whats4lunch series click here

Tuna pockets with pitta bread (total cost 90p)


Tuna pockets 1

Tuna pockets 1

  • 130g tuna in sunflower oil – 64p
  • 2 brown Pitta breads – 14p (pack of 6 cost 40p)
  • 4 leaves lettuce gem – 2p (pack of 2 whole gems cost 37p)
  • 1 medium tomato – 10p (pack of 6 tomatoes 69p)


Cut the two pitta in 2 and place in the toaster for 1 minute… the heat

Tuna pockets 2

Tuna pockets 2

will make the pitta open as it can be difficult to slice them. Leave aside to cool down.

Cut the top and bottom of the tomato. Then slice it in 4 pieces. Wash out the pips and remove the moisture from the tomato by dabbing it with tissue paper. Tomato can be very wet and putting it in this sandwich without removing the moisture will make the pitta very soggy. So, set the tomato aside.

Now rinse the lettuce leaves and flick out the water to keep it dry and cut away the white bottom bit.

Tuna pockets 4

Tuna pockets 4

Open the tuna, drain, pour in a bowl. Add black pepper, garlic and 1 full table spoon of mayonnaise. Combing and spoon in a small jar.

Now, partially put your sandwich together: Open the pitta pocket now cold, place in them the salad leaves, one in each and 1 slice of tomato. Place all of them in the lunch container with the tuna mix kept separately. At lunch time all you will have to do is add the tuna filling. It will take 2 minutes.

Tuna pockets ready

Tuna pockets ready

The next sandwich is a vegan baguette & Avocado one, then brown slices triple decker chicken & mustard sandwich.

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