#Whats4Lunch – The Salads 1

Mackerel Salad 1

Mackerel Salad 1

Smoked mackerel salad (total cost 90p)


Salad ingredients

Salad ingredients

  • ¼ flaked smoked mackerel – 50p
  • 1 fresh medium tomato – 10p
  • 1/2 a whole lettuce gem – 10p (pack of 2 whole gems cost 37p)
  • 10 pieces of Italian mushroom antipasti – 20p
  • 1 leftover roast potato
  • Salt, dry garlic & black pepper


Separate the leaves from the lettuce and rinse off the earth on them. Cut roughly the leaves in 3 and set aside.

Rise and cut the tomato. Sprinkle it with freshly grinded pepper, salt and garlic Toss to combine and set aside.

Mackerel Salad 2

Mackerel Salad 2

Remove the mushroom needed from the jar.

Flake the portion of mackerel needed for the salad and check that there is not bones left in it. Set aside.

Mackerel Salad 3

Mackerel Salad 3

Since the salad is not being consumed immediately, place all the elements in the lunch box in a way that all of them will still be fresh and crispy at lunch time (4 to 6 hours away). The most fragile of them must be at the top and anything else that can remain wet and unchanged should be at the bottom of the lunch box.

So, layer the mushrooms first at the bottom of the lunch box with one teaspoon of oil from the

Mackerel Salad  layered

Mackerel Salad layered

mushroom jar, followed by the generously seasoned tomato. The mushroom will marinate in the tomato juices and seasoning. Now on top of the tomato, layer the cut potatoes, then the fish and the lettuce.

At lunch time, take your bowl, open it and cover it with a serving plate then turn it over to empty the content of the bowl upside down as if flipping an omelette. What this action will do is allow the juices that were at the bottom of the bowl to filter throughout the salad while acting as a vinaigrette.

These salads are called “salades composees” in France and often serve as a full lunch… nothing else is needed apart

Mackerel Salad 5

Mackerel Salad 5

from a small piece of baguette. If you make enough for lunch it should keep you full until the goûter time around 3.30 – 4pm when you can have an afternoon snack.

Do try to make it and let me know how you got on.

Et voila!

Next up, pulses salad and Chicken salad.

See the sandwich series here, here and here.


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