#Whats4Lunch – The hot combos 5

Waste not!

Waste not!

Leftover vegetables – Waste not (Total spent 0p)


  • 25g red onion
  • ¼ red pepper
  • ¼ green pepper
  • ¼ orange pepper
  • 10 cherry tomato
  • Anti pasti courgettes
  • Anti pasti mix mushrooms
  • Chilli flakes,
  • Black pepper
  • Mix herb
  • Fresh garlic.


This is one of the easiest lunches that I do often.

It is an ideal way to use leftover or cut offs vegetables… usually if I am cooking for a dinner party and have cut offs I won’t be using them during the week.

In this instance, I had red onion, sweet peppers and cherry tomato. I sometimes have also carrots, parsnips or marrow left over… (This does not work for potatoes or plantains. So, do not freeze them

Unfrozen cut offs

Unfrozen cut offs

So, all you have to do is to chop the vegetables up and place them in microwave proof dishes with lids. Place those in the freezer until you need them for your work lunch.

The night before you use the vegetables for lunch. Take the bowl out of the freezer and leave the vegetables out overnight.

In the morning, drain the excess water, then top up with the antipasti and season with the pressed fresh garlic, chilli, sea salt, mix herbs, pepper from the grinder. Drizzle with flavoured oil from the mushroom jar. Place the lid back on the bowl and shake to mix.

At lunch time, just open the lid of the Tupperware and place it in microwave for 7-10 minutes max and enjoy as it or just with a piece of baguette.

If you were at home and using this same vegetables, just heat oil, add some fresh onions with fresh thyme before stir-frying the vegetables for 5 minutes on high heat. Either serve on a warm garlic & herbs. Would be great with marinated griddled pressed tofu. Yum.

That’s it.

Sorry forgot to take the plated dish.


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