Turkish food… Let’s do it!

Just a skip and a hop from Africa

Just a skip and a hop from Africa

We are back this Saturday on Croydon Radio with a Turkish menu. Turkey was all over the front pages today with the elections… ahah…

It is fascinating how much I discover with the challenges that this show brings to my plate.

When I started to look at the Turkish menu it was just because a colleague brought in two weeks ago a really beautiful and colourful scarf that her mother in law had handmade for her.

Turkish Kilim rug

Turkish Kilim rug

The scarf reminded me of few of the random handmade tribal items I had seen among

old Medaillon-Uschak

old Medaillon-Uschak

some o auction list I had seen while working as a handmade Persian rugs auction coordinator.

I had never considered eating or cooking Turkish food event though I get a lot of my ingredients from their shops… and there are many in Croydon.

I have discovered quiet a lot looking into this… It is almost as if Turkish food does not have its own identity. The Turkish cuisine according to what I have read takes on flavours from almost all the countries surrounding it including Northern Africa just a boat crossing away.

You will find in its flavours Mediterranean, northern African and East Asian hints… So, imagine having a menu reminding you of Greek cuisine, topped with Moroccan and Iranian cuisine in one menu and you can almost imagine what it might look and taste like…

It is with that in mind that I will be offering you my interpretation of the Turkish cuisine… I really hope that you will be available to tune it and hear what I came up with!

Do Post your comment while we will on air on Croydon radio this Saturday from 4pm. It is a 3 course Turkish meal! Don’t miss it! x

Every  related tweets will be posted with #TurkishByHJ

An this is What I came up with: A meze for starters (vegan),  Kıymalı Fasulye and to finish a Baklava served with a redbbush, cinnamon & orange tea.

Turkish set by HJ

Turkish set by HJ


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