#TurkishByHJ – Broad beans hummus

Beans Hummus w/toasted sesame oil

Beans Hummus w/toasted sesame oil

Meze for 5 people

Including: Babaganoush, Broad beans hummus, Fresh tomato & almond Dip and flat crusty breads.


Beans oil and lemon

Beans oil and lemon

  • 500g beans (64p)
  • Juice of a half lemon (25p)
  • Garlic granules
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • 90ml toasted sesame oil (or olive oil)

Cost: Olive oil can be found at the 99p store. From time to ties, Lidl sells toasted sesame oil from 99p for 250ml. I already had both, so didn’t need to buy some. For this dip, I only had to buy the beans and lemon. Some hummus require tahini paste, but it is not a must. This dip only cost 89p.


Made with a hand blender

Made with a hand blender

Drain and rinse the beans (I have mixed white beans and broad beans) then pour them in a bowl. Add garlic, black pepper, salt, the juice of a half lemon and 80ml toasted sesame seed oil. Blend everything until you obtain a very smooth paste.

Scoop the hummus in a serving bowl, cover with cling film and chill until serving time.


Next, the fresh tomato and almond dip.


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