XmasScraps and NoelByHJ

Leftover mash = Pomme Duchesse

Leftover mash = Pomme Duchesse

Christmas is around the corner!

I have been asked by a media Co to come up with few ideas on how leftovers could be used after the big Christmas dinner… I thought you might be interested too!

You know? After you have emptied you bank account and slaved in the kitchen to cook for 20 people (15 of which you only see when there is a family party with serious food).

After they’ve gone, you are out of pocket but, what can you create with that left over mash, leg of turkey, roast potatoes for your household?

How about a little “chuck-all-In” turkey and vegetables stir fry served with some pomme dauphine or duchesse? How about a turkey & roast potato stew with coconut milk? The one I could wait to eat was the Brioche & Turkey sandwich… couldn’t resist. Didn’t want salad in it, used coriander… yum!

I won’t tell you what I’ll be doing with the leftover Christmas pudding and cheese board. You’ll just have to check in later using XmasScraps in the search box. On twitter it will be #XmasScraps.

Turkey & coriander scraps = Brioche sandwich!

Turkey & coriander scraps = Brioche sandwich!

For my next show on Croydon radio next Saturday, I am looking at doing a simples dinner for 2…

If you are on a budget you are not going to decide to invite the world and its children round to yours are you? Don’t do like the Jones, your purse ain’t just not full enough.

So as a couples who has made an effort to save a bit for this special Christmas dinner, it is not about overeating, but making sure that every single mouthful is fully enjoyed. There might not be gifts, but food will square that off! It is called contentment!

The menu might have salmon, pate, lobster (from Iceland or Lidl not sure yet), maybe some wine? Not a fan of fizzy, so champagne is off the menu. I am doing it á la Française… Oh and there will be a yule log… Just because I cannot understand the British Christmas pudding.

During the show, you will get to hear a bit about how the French celebrate the food is all special and dinner is after midnight mass… Christmas day is just the follow up to the night before and people eat lighter. The hashtag for my Christmas show on Croydon radio will be #NoelByHJ. Use it on twitter and in the search box to find all related recipes.

Do check-in in a few days to see how much it will cost.

Joyeux Noël! x



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