Hello February!

Nutty Pain aux raisins

Nutty Pain aux raisins

January is well and truly over and so are for most of us the good resolutions for 2016!

Did you managed to give up chocolate, wine, meat or dairy for 99% of the time? How about 50% of the time or even 25% of the time during January? Build up on that!

You have probably discovered like me that you are not addicted to coffee, but just like it. You have discovered that eating meat and dairy free meal is an eye opener… how about those new exercises?

What are you going to do to build up on? What you have learnt? For me, I will be building up on my racket sports and have just signed up for a 6 week tennis course. I will consume less coffee and buy less chocolate bars.

To help you build up on the January resolution to eat less meat and dairies, I will be posting for you here few ideas for snacks that are meat & dairy free, suitable for vegan and also breakfast ideas.

Porridge and fruits

Porridge and fruits

For February, you can decide to replace at least one meal/snack a day with a healthy option or even sugar and dairy free… I have decided to make 2016 my healthiest year yet and continuing with my daily 30 minutes Pilates… How about you?

Since this webpage is all about being on budget, all the suggestions will be as cheap as I can find or make it.

Thank you for checking in…

Please do post your comments below.

Happy New year for the last time. x


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