#Veganuary salad – Caramelised Tofu salad

Caramelised Tofu salad Serves 2 as mains or 4 as a starter 70g wild rocket – washed 150g beansprouts – blanched & drained 200g tofu – fried in caramelised sugar 2 fresh tomatoes – Cut and de-seeded. Teaspoon of Sesame seeds For the vinaigrette 3 tablespoons mustard oil 2 tablespoons soy sauce 1 generous pinch of ground […]

#Veganuary – Cinnamon pear Tatin

Cinnamon pear Tatin for 10 (see original post from Nash’s vegan creations, my test kitchen here) Ingredients: 7 medium pears halved and corked 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon 125g of sugar 1 pinch of salt 1 lemon zest 125g butter 1 rolled pastry (made with dairy free butter, sugar and flour) Cream for serving (use […]

Vegan marrow cakes

For 6 people (2 per person) Ingredients: 600g marrow (50p) 200 carrots (5p) 200g parsnips (10p) 200g potato (10p) 200g tomato (10p) 1 Spring onion (5p) 3 heaps tablespoons plain flour Garlic granules Black pepper Salt For serving: Fresh rocket salad (£1) Home pickled red cabbage Beetroot dip Cost: The whole marrow cost £1 in […]

Vegan Banana & peach iced cream

Ingredients for 1L Iced cream: Half a vanilla pod (optional) can use the extract 200ml soya milk (54p) 2 peaches (£1) 3 banana (20p) 100g sugar Cost: the unpriced items are regular that should already be in the house. But just as a note, 1LAlpro Soya milk cost £1.35 but can be found in LIDL […]

Hello February!

January is well and truly over and so are for most of us the good resolutions for 2016! Did you managed to give up chocolate, wine, meat or dairy for 99% of the time? How about 50% of the time or even 25% of the time during January? Build up on that! You have probably […]

Happy 2016!!!

Happy New Year! Thank you for all your follows and support during 2015… Hope I won’t let you down in 2016. SO! You’ve enjoyed the great fancy and fatty foods during the festive period, the jegging is a bit tighter at the waist as is the purse… No worries let’s try and be practical and […]