About me

Barsotto with Crispy mince soya and griddled spring onion

Barsotto with Crispy mince soya and griddled spring onion

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

I love food and been given the opportunity to talk about it in the media and in particular my local community radio station. I will be talking about food once a month on Croydon Radio Saturday afternoons with Tom Cannon from 4-6pm.

For each of my contributions I will cook a dish/ a menu that Tom will sample and then, the recipe (s) will be posted here after we’ve talked about it on the show.

The idea is to make cooking fun, creative, elegant, stress free and more importanly, waste free. I am better known for having written a recipes collection for foodbanks users. (the Bank Cook). I will be looking to cook inexpensive dishes and even continue to create dishes using foodbank’s parcel contents.

If you feel inspired or would like to challenge me to come up with a dish with a particular ingredient you are struggling with, please hit me via email or twitter.

Look forward to hearing back and I hope you will enjoy and make sense the contents I will publishing.

See you soon.


PS: Still not sure if I can do what was intended with all the tabs, please use the search box if you cannot find what you are looking for. Thanks.

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