#TurkishByHJ – Baklava

Dessert for 5 people This Baklava is suitable for vegans Ingredients: 9 sheets of phyllo pastry (£1.29) 200g mix nuts including cashew, almond, walnut, hazelnuts (£1.59) 100g pistachios (£1.00) 2 medium oranges (20p) 50g butter 100g brown sugar cane 2 teaspoons rose water (optional) 20 x 30cm oven dish Total cost for the dessert £4.08 […]

Turkish food… Let’s do it!

We are back this Saturday on Croydon Radio with a Turkish menu. Turkey was all over the front pages today with the elections… ahah… It is fascinating how much I discover with the challenges that this show brings to my plate. When I started to look at the Turkish menu it was just because a […]

#Whats4Lunch – The sweets 1

Triplet in a jar (vegan). (Total spent 90p)  Ingredients: 250 Alpro vanilla yogurt -75p 6 Halved apricots – 15p 2 tablespoon sour cherry jam Method: Just pour 250g of yogurt in a jar with a lid, layer on top the halved apricots without the syrup… Top it all up with two table spoons of sour […]

#Whats4Lunch – The hot combos 3

Baked potato & beans (total cost 68p)  Ingredients: 1 baked potato – 50p Baked beans – 8p (the tin cost 32p and contains 4 servings) Black pepper Grated mild cheddar – 10p Method: Any type of left over potato can be used this way. If you’ve got some left over roast vegetables, potatoes or parsnips […]

#Whats4Lunch – The Salads 2

Mixed pulses salad (vegan) (total cost 74p) Ingredients: 100g precooked Kidney beans – 10p 100g chick peas – 10p 100 sweet corn – 10p 25g left over white rice 3 pieces antipasti artichoke heart (25p) Ground Maggi cube (or any dry stock cube) 5g fresh ginger (5p) ½ lime (14p) Salt, dry garlic & black pepper […]

#Whats4Lunch – The Sandwiches set 3

Triple decker chicken sandwich (total cost 76p) Ingredients: 20 fresh spinach leaves or lettuce – 10p 1 fresh medium tomato 10p 3 brown bread slices – 6p (pack of 24 brown slices costs 49p) mustard 1 leftover chicken thigh – 50p Method: This sandwich was made with left over roast chicken. De bone the chicken […]

#Whats4Lunch – The Sandwiches set 2

Baguette sandwich – Vegan (total cost 54p) Ingredients: 3-4 Sundried tomato pieces – 10p 3-4 Grilled red & yellow peppers pieces 10p Pre-cooked baguette – 12p (pack of 4 mini baguettes cost 45p) Avocado – 20p (1 whole avocado 80p, only 1/4 used) 2 lettuce gem leaves – 2p (Pack of 2 whole gems cost […]

#Whats4Lunch – The Sandwiches set 1

If you have missed the radio show on Croydon Radio, listen again here to see the basics needed for the #Whats4lunch series click here Tuna pockets with pitta bread (total cost 90p) Ingredients: 130g tuna in sunflower oil – 64p 2 brown Pitta breads – 14p (pack of 6 cost 40p) 4 leaves lettuce gem […]

Office – What’s for lunch

Good evening! I am back next Saturday 3rd October on Croydon Radio from 4pm with Tom. This week we are going to talk about ideas for office lunches. What prompted me to bring this  subject on the table is because often at my office, I see people going out to buy lunch. By the time they […]

The Barsotto (barley risotto)

  For 6 people Ingredients: 500g barley (55p) 200ml Alpro single cream (£1.00) 6 spring onions (45p) 125g butter (soya butter) 5 small green chillies (10p) White ground pepper 2 garlic cloves 100gr white onion Fresh thyme 2 stock cubes For the topping: 50g soya mince (25p) Black pepper & salt Vegetable oil Cost: 1 […]