Happy 2016!!!

Start fresh & reset!

Start fresh & reset!

Happy New Year!

Thank you for all your follows and support during 2015… Hope I won’t let you down in 2016.

SO! You’ve enjoyed the great fancy and fatty foods during the festive period, the jegging is a bit tighter at the waist as is the purse… No worries let’s try and be practical and smart with our eating habits for a bit.

For one month only, we are going to be kind to our body.

Forget the Costa, the Starbucks and the likes…. You will save a bunch. Instead, opt for homemade brews that can be prepared in advance for your day at the office.

Have you ever tried homemade ginger and lemon tea? You can do it yourself or buy it

Mint tea brewing in the strainer

Mint tea brewing in the strainer

ready made. It goes without saying that fresh is better and much more flavoursome. Buy the ginger, grate it, take half a lemon grate the zest. Place both in a tea strainer and pour over it a cup of boiling water. Leave the strainer in the cup for 2 minutes then drain before adding the lemon juice and drink.

If you don’t like lemon and ginger go, for the mint tea. Do you know mint tea is great to fight bloating? Lemon is great for cleansing and ginger I great for a good digestion?

To make the tea either buy a bunch of mint in the supermarket or go for the teabags.

If using fresh mint, simply pick out 3-4 leaves of mint rub them together to bruise them, place in the tea strainer and pour water over it.

You can pre-prepare both infusions in advance and just reheat a cup full when needed.

For the mint tea for example, bruise a whole bunch, pour 1.5l of water and bring to boil. Strain, leave to cool and place in the fridge. When you are ready, pour a cupful and heat for 2 minutes in the microwave. Voila!

Both can be consumed hot or cold. With or without sugar and if you are looking to fit better in those jegging, I do recommend that you either reduce the sugar or remove it completely and replace with lemon.

HJ porridge mix

HJ porridge mix

Another great way to eat smart will be to have porridge for breakfast. Porridge keeps you fuller for longer so, if having porridge for breakfast you will feel full until lunch time. Again, rather than using sugar here, opt for fruits to bring in all the sugar needed…

I prepare my on porridge mix by adding few extra to make it interesting…

The porridge flake costs 39p in Lidl and I add in chopped roast peanuts from Lidl cost 49p mix seeds, dry raisins or any dry fruits, seeds and anything else I’d like.

1 pack of 250 can become 500 just by adding the extra. In the morning, I measure 4 table spoons of porridge add 100ml (whole) milk or soya milk, place in the microwave for 2 minutes, stir and place back for 1 minutes and enjoy!

For the mid-morning snacks, I opt for a banana, pear, raw nut or crackers…. I feel that often when I want a snack it is not that I am hungry, it is just that I want to chew on something…. 1 cracker or two is enough to distract me until meal time. Water is also a great distraction from chocolate cravings.

My breakfast - dairy free no added sugar

My breakfast – dairy free no added sugar

As far as New Year resolutions go, I decided to go coffee free in January, will also eat more meat and dairy free meals. This to cleanse, reset and get ready for the rest of the year. For more information about doing a meat and dairy free week/month, google Veganuary for ideas or see the vegan dishes available on this blog. I will post some of my meat and dairy free recipes in the next post. They are from my vegan blog… been running since 2013…

Shinny tennis set

Shinny tennis set

Exercise: I am also taking up rackets sports to get fit… I found a set of 2 tennis rackets & balls for £9.99… will be taking lessons in Dulwich at £5.00 per session that is the cheapest I could find.

I am also taking badminton for recreation. A meetup group in Pimlico offers the session at £6.00.

The set of two badminton rackets and shuttlecocks (the balls) cost £9.99.

My badminton set

My badminton set

Last but not least squash! I’ve always wanted to do squash. The single racket cost £9.99, the set of 3 ball cost £4.99 and the lesson cost less than £5 in Stockwell.

But if you cannot do and don’t like racket sports, take on walking! To go shopping 2 bus stops away, walk it on the way and jump on the bus on your way back as you are carrying loads. Join Park run for free. You can do mini 5Ks marathon or walks weekly.

Squash racket & balls

Squash racket & balls

I have also decided not to buy chocolate bars this year and only eat some when offered to me 😉 Let’s see if I can complete January first… ha ha ha!

The above are of course few of my recommendations for January and are mutually exclusive so, pick one or two things from the list and stick to it at least until end January.

And if you wish to lose weight, weigh yourself every 2 days or so and readjust your food intake… little often with a spot of exercise.

Before you weigh yourself, try to wee and do number 2. That always helps J

Do not no hesitate to send me your questions or if you need further details about the Tennis/badminton/ squash lessons.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

PS: I am not a nutritionist, all the above are from experience.