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Stilton pesto

Stilton pesto

Stilton & tomato pesto

For 300ml of pesto


  • 200g tomato – leftover
  • 60g Stilton – leftover
  • 10g onion
  • 5g celery leaves
  • 30ml vegetable oil + 10ml
  • Salt & pepper

Total spend: £0


Cut the tomato and remove all the pips and liquid within the tomato, then rinse. Just the flesh of the tomato is needed here.

Dice the onion, celery and the tomato then place all in the mixer with salt, pepper and 30ml oil, then blend until smooth.

Pour in a small bowl with a lid then top with the remaining oil.

serving suggestion

If this isn’t going to be consumed on the same day, make sure oil covers the whole surface of the pesto as oil will prevent it from spoiling.

This can be used over freshly cooked hot pasta with butter or just as a spread on a freshly toasted  baguette.