#Whats4Lunch – The hot combos 2

Petit pois lunch with smoked haddock

Petit pois lunch with smoked haddock

Mix veg petit pois & Smoked haddock (total cost 90p)


  • 1 smokes haddock steak – 55p (pack of 5 cost £2.75)
  • 250g Frozen vegetables mix – 25p (1kg cost £1.00)
  • Mix herbs
  • Black pepper
  • Sundried tomato – 10p
  • Dried garlic
  • Flavoured oil from the sundried tomato jar


It can be very practical when you are thinking of work lunches to buy a variety of frozen vegetables. The other option is to chop the left over fresh vegetables and put them in Tupperwares before freezing them ready for when you need them.

And just in case you didn’t know, yes you CAN cook some meals in the microwave.

If you are planning on using frozen vegetables for lunch, first measure the quantity you need and defrost overnight.

In this case, I have measured up 250g of mixed petit pois, carrots sweet corn overnight with a haddock steak.

The next morning, drain the water then, rub the fish with salt, pepper, garlic and a bit of oil from the sundried tomato jar.

Petit pois lunch in the lunch box

Petit pois lunch in the lunch box

Now season the vegetables with herbs, pepper, garlic, salt and oil from the sundried tomato jar. Toss to mix. Place in the lunch box with the fish on the top and pieces of sundried tomato.

Keep your lunch box very well refrigerated as fish can be very fragile. Place this in the fridge as soon as you get to work.

At lunch time, all you have to do is flip your lunch upside down for a minute with the lid still on. This will allow all the juices accumulated on the bottom to flow back to the top and wet the vegetables and fish. Be careful to do this over the sink to avoid pouring the liquid over your shirt.

Now place the box in the in the microwave slightly ajar (the lunch box) and cook for 7 minutes… not a minute longer or the fish will be too dry.

And before you ask where the carbs are to top it all up? Note that carrots and sweet corns have nearly 20g of carbs per 100g, but also are full of vitamins and fibres. This dish has almost all the nutrients needed in a meal. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

If you are still hungry after eating your meal, top is with a yogurt or a piece of cake for dessert. But the next time, measure enough vegetable to feel you up and avoid you spending more than necessary.

The great thing about haddock is that it is not as smelly as mackerel.


Up next, baked potato and cheese.

#Whats4Lunch – The Salads 2

Pulse salad - Vegan

Pulse salad – Vegan

Mixed pulses salad (vegan) (total cost 74p)


Pulses salad  1 ingredients

Pulses salad 1 ingredients

  • 100g precooked Kidney beans – 10p
  • 100g chick peas – 10p
  • 100 sweet corn – 10p
  • 25g left over white rice
  • 3 pieces antipasti artichoke heart (25p)
  • Ground Maggi cube (or any dry stock cube)
  • 5g fresh ginger (5p)
  • ½ lime (14p)
  • Salt, dry garlic & black pepper


Pulses salad  2

Pulses salad 2

All the pulsed are shop bought and usually cost 25 to 35 pence each that include the chick peas, beans and sweet corn. The rice is left over from a meal.

Open the pulses and rinse the starch off them. Mix the all in a one bowl with the rice and a pinch of grounded stock cube. Mix and set aside.

Cut the artichokes as you wish and leave to the side.

lime & ginger vinaigrette

lime & ginger vinaigrette

The lunch box

The lunch box

Making the vinaigrette. In a separate bowl, grate the zest of a half lime and squeeze the juice of the same half. Grate the ginger and add 2 tablespoons of flavoured oil from the artichokes jar. Add black pepper and a pinch of dry garlic. Whisk, taste and adjust flavouring. Pour in a small container.

Pour the pulses in the lunch box and place the artichokes pieces on top separate from the vinaigrette.

At lunch time, all you will have to do is pour the vinaigrette on the salad and enjoy.

Just add the sauce and enjoy!

Feel free to add chilli flakes if you can handle heat.

Next up, Chicken salad, the hot lunches and few sweets.